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Track, manage, and communicate with your aircraft anywhere on the planet.

Spidertracks provides you with insights to run a safer, better informed, and more efficient aviation operation.

Making the aviation community a safer place to live and operate in.

Keep Track of Your Aircraft.

Track your aviation assets over every inch of the planet with up to 12 position reports every minute. Plus, Spiderwatch™ (automated flight watch) ensures your specified contacts are quickly alerted in an SOS situation.

Real-Time Flight Tracking

Communicate Anywhere.

Spidertxt provides two-way messaging to your air or land-based personnel. Message aircraft-to-aircraft, aircraft-to-ground, and ground-to-ground — from anywhere in the world using a dedicated Iridium satellite channel.

Spidertxt Communication

Powerful Flight Safety Insights.

Virtual FDR™ equips you with accessible ‘over the air’ aircraft data and insights from a simple, easy to install, lightweight, and affordable solution. Utilise AHRS data for powerful 3D Flight Replay...

Virtual FDR™

Spidertracks on iPad
Spidertracks on Android Phone for Spidertxt Communications

Introducing Spider X

Building on the advanced functionality and seamless design of its predecessors, Spider X has been thoughtfully crafted by Spidertracks - specifically for aviators - to be the industry gold-standard solution for aircraft monitoring, communications, and safety insights.

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